Graves of the Prophets

Graves of the Companions (RA)

Graves of Awliyas of Allah

Sacred Relics



Hair of our Blessed Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

Old door to the Ka'ba

copy of the letter written by the Prophet (pbuh)

The oringinal letters written by the Prophet (pbuh)

The sword of Khalid bin Waleed (RS) in red

Sword of the Prophet (pbuh)

Swords belonging to Uthman (RA) and Ali (RA)

The birth place were our noble Prophet (pbuh) was born.

The house of Sayyidna Abu Ayyub Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him) where Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) stayed when he migrated to Madinah. Unfortunately, this house does not exist anymore.

House place hazart Fatimah zahra prophets daughter

Field of Karbala the boundary of imams tomb

Prophet Noah’s Ark  (Nooh) (Peace be upon him) In 1959, stereo photos where taken by a Turkish airline pilot of a boat shaped object on the mountains of Ararat for The Geodetic Institute of Turkey. It lay 6,300 feet above sea level, much too high to be the remains of a boat from a local flood. It is over 200 miles from the nearest sea. The dimensions were consistent with the Biblical description of Noah's Ark in Gen. 6:15, measuring 300 cubits long. The width was greater than that mentioned in the Bible as the sides of the boat had splayed, which would be expected in a boat of that age

The sacred mantle of Hazrat Imam Hussain (May Allah be pleased with him) with his sacred blood when he was martyred in Karbala.

ruins used to be the palace of Queen Bilqis the Queen of Sheba

Footsteps of Abraham (RA)

The Prophet Adam (RA) footprint

Foot print of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

soil from the Grave of the Prophet (pbuh) This bottle contains the sand from the grave of Prophet

Muhammad (pbuh)

The Mountain of Uhud

Hajar Aswad

This is the cave of Uhad. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed and took some rest here during the battle of Uhad.

An old photograph of the city of Makkah. On the right was the house of Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Aminah where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born.

Turban of Musa (AS)

Some of the clothes of the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)

Outside view of the Sleepers of the cave

Inside view of the Sleepers of the cave

None of the below relics now exit, Unfortunately the saudi government had them leveled!

Entrance to the Prophets (pbuh) room

House in which Fatima (ra) was born in

The house which the Prophet (pbuh) lived in for 28 years

The room of the Prophet (pbuh) and Khadijah (ra)