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Grave of the Crown of Creation, The Beloved of Allah, The Leader of the Amibya, The Light of all Lights Our Master the Prophet Muhahmmed (May the Peace and blessing be upon him)

Grave of Ibrahim' Haleel (AS) (of the Prophet Abraham the friend of God) in Hebron.

Grave of the Lut (AS) (The Prophet Lot whos nation was destroyed due to their Lusts, Also known as Sodman and Gomorow).

Lut's (AS) Cave He fled Allah's destruction of his village Sodom due to its inhabitants' immoral practices by taking refuge in this cave with his daughters. Allah turned his wife into a pillar of salt for disobeying god

Grave of Prohet Shuayab (AS) , The Orator of the Prophet, who people were destroyed because they were unfair in their dealings in trade and commerce and who would cheat friends and foes alike..

The Prophet Zul Kifl (AS) Updated photo of the Prophet Zul Kifl (AS) Outside the Mosque of Prophet Zul Kifl (AS)

The Prophet Hud (AS)

The Prophet Yousha bin Noon (Joshua) (RA) Within a mosque to the west of Salt city in Jordan, on a hill carrying his name lies the shrine of Prophet Yusha (Joshua). He was the apprentice of Prophet Moses and later his successor. Prophet Joshua led the army of the tribes of Israel in conquest over the land of Palestine 


The Grave of the Prophet Musa (Moses) (AS) Outside view of were the Prophet Musa (moses) is Buried.

Outside view of the Prophet Yunis (AS), (The Prophet that was swolled up a whale as mentioned in the Bible)

The Prophet Samuel (RA)

The Prophet Sheeth (AS) in Musal Iraq

The Prophet Yahya (RA) (John the baptist)

The Prophet Zakaria (AS), the father of Yahya (AS)

Grave of the Prophet (Jacub) Yaqub (AS), the father of (Joseph) Yusuf, Whos trust in Allah to see his son again Yusuf (AS) was so great that 40 years of patience until his old age he was re-united with his son once again. Allah tests in various ways, it can take time, but Allahs help is always near and Allah loves the one who trusts in him.

The Mazar of Hazrat Yousuf (Joseph) Site said to be were The Prophets Yusuf's Brothers lived

The Prophet Luqman (AS), often quoted as the wise Luqman, He s mentioned in the Quran and the council he qave to his son is also recorded in the Quran.

The Grave of the Prophet Salih (AS) A recent photo of the grave of Salih.(AS) According to some scholars Hazrat Salih (Peace be upon him) stayed and prayed here.

Hazrat Ayyub (Job) eastern Oman Ayub According to some tradition, Prophet Hazrat Ayyubpeace be upon himhas been buried here. This Mazar is located in Iraq

The Prophet Nuh (Noah) (AS)

Mazar e Aqdas Prophet Hazrat Haroun (Aaron) Peace be upon him at the Jabal Al Haroun, near Petra Jordan