Glory to Allah Most High, full of Grace and Mercy;
He created all, including Man.
To Man he gave a special place in his creation.
He Honored man to be his agent,
And to that end, endued him with understanding.
Purified his affections, and gave him spiritual insight;
So that man should understand Nature,
Understand Himself,
And know Allah through his wondrous signs,
And glorify him in Truth, reverence, and unity.

For the fulfillment of this great task man was further given a will so that his acts should reflect Allah’s universal Will and Law. And his mind, freely choosing, should experience the sublime joy of being in harmony with the infinite and with the great Drama of the world around him, and with his own spiritual growth.

But, created though with the best of moulds, man fell from Unity and he chose the crooked path of Discord, sorrow, pain, selfishness and degradation. Ignorance and Hatred, despair and unbelief poisoned his life, and he saw shapes of evil, in the physical, moral, and spiritual world, And in himself.

Then did his soul rise against himself and his self-discord made discord between kith and kin. Men began to fear the strong and oppress the weak, boasting in prosperity, and cursing in adversity.  Fleeing each other, pursuing phantoms, for the truth and reality of unity was gone from their minds.

When men spread themselves over the earth, and became many nations, speaking diverse languages, and observing diverse customs and laws the evil became multiplied. As one race or nation became alienated from another, the brotherhood of Man was now doubly forgotten. Between individuals and nations, there was arrogance, selfishness and untruth.

Peace, Faith, Love and Justice were obscured over masses of men. But Allah, in his infinite mercy and love, who forgives and guides individuals and nations, and turns to good even what seems to us evil, never forsakes the struggling soul that turns to him,
Nor the groups of men and woman who join to obey his will and law
and strengthen each other in unity and truth,
Nor the nations that dwell In mountains and valleys, heat or cold,
In regions fertile or arid,
In societies that roam over land or seas,
Or hunt, or tend flocks, or till the soil,
Or seek the sea for food or oil or fat or gems,
Or dig out from the bowls of the earth
Precious stones or metals, or stored up heat and energy,
Or practice arts and craft, or produce abundant wealth
By machines of ingenious workmanship,
Or live a life of contemplation:
For all are creatures of One God,
And share his loving care.

And so this light of eternal unity has shone in all ages and among all nations, through chosen Messengers of Allah, who came as men to dwell among men, to share their joys and sorrows, to suffer for them and with them.

But Behold! There was born into the world of sense an unlettered prophet, the comely child, noble of birth, but nobler still. In the grace and wisdom of human love and human understanding, dowered with the key which opened to him the enchanted palace of nature marked out to receive, to receive and preach the burning words, the spiritual truth and message of the most high.

Allah had sent Messengers preaching and working in the dim twilight of history. But Muhammad (PBUH) came in the fullest blaze of history. He wandered in hills and valleys, caves and deserts, but never lost his way to truth and righteousness. For his pure and spotless heart the angles washed off the dust that flew around him. Through the ways
of crooked city folk, he walked upright and straight, and won from them the ungrudging name of the man of faith who never broke his word.

To the praiseworthy indeed be praise, born in the Sacred City he destroyed its superstition. Loyal to his people to the core he stood for all humanity. Orphan- born and poor, he envied not the rich, and made his special care to all those whom the world neglected or oppressed, orphans, women, slaves, and those in need of food, comforts, mental solace and spiritual strength.

To his cousin Ali, born when he was thirty, he appeared as the very pattern of a perfect man. As gentle as he was and true and strong, he spent his utmost strength and skill, holding life cheap in support of a cause so high, and placing without reserve his chivalry,
his prowess, his wit and learning, and his sword at the service of this mighty messenger of Allah.

At twenty-five he was united in the holy bonds of wedlock with khadijah the Great, the noble lady who befriended him when he had no worldly resources and trusted him when his worth was little known. She encouraged and understood him in his spiritual struggles,
believed in him when with trembling steps he took up the call and withstood persecution, insults, threats, and tortures, and was a life long helpmate till she was gathered to the saints in his fifty first year. A perfect woman, the Mother of those who believe.

There is a cave in the side of Mount Hira some three miles north of the city of Makkah,
In a valley which turns left from the road to Arafat to which Muhammad (PBUH) used to retire for peaceful contemplation often alone, but sometimes with Khadijah. Days and nights he spent there with his Lord. Hard were the problems he resolved in his mind, harder and more cross grained than the red granite of the rock around him- problems not of his own, but of his people and of human destiny.

Not till forty years of earthly life had passed that the veil was lifted from the preserved tablet, and its contents began to be transferred to the tablet of his mind, to be proclaimed to the world, and read and studied for all time, a fountain of mercy and wisdom.
A warning to the heedless, a guide to the erring, a assurance to those in doubt, a solace to the suffering and a hope to those in despair – to complete the chain of revelation through the mouths of divinely inspired prophets.

The chosen one was in the cave of Hira. For two years or more he had prayed there and adored his creator and wondered at the mystery of man with his corruptible flesh, just growing out of a clot. A soul in him reaching out to knowledge sublime, new and ever new, taught by the bounty of Allah, and leading to that which man himself knew not. A now, behold! A dazzling vision of beauty and light overpowered his senses, and he heard the word “Iqra!

Iqra!” which being interpreted may mean “Read!” or “Proclaim!” or “Recite!” The unlettered prophet was puzzled. He could not read, and the angel seemed to press him to his breast in a close embrace, and the cry rang clear “Iqra!
And so it happened three times, until the first overpowering sensation yielded to a collected grasp of the words which made clear his mission, it’s Author Allah the creator, its Subject man, Allah’s wondrous handiwork. Capable by grace of rising to heights sublime, and the instrument of that mission, the sanctified Pen, and the sanctified Book, the gift of Allah, which men might read or write or study or treasure in their souls. 

 The veil was lifted from the chosen ones eyes and his soul for a moment was filled with divine ecstasy… when this passed and he returned to the world of time and circumstance of this world of sense, he felt like one whose eyes had seen a light of dazzling beauty and felt dazed on his return to common sights. The darkness now seemed tenfold dark, the solitude seemed tenfold empty. Was it a Dream? Terror seized his limbs and he straightaway sought her who shared his inmost life.

She understood, rejoiced and comforted him, gave strength to his shaken senses and wrapped up in warmth his shivering body. Unused as yet to bear the strain of stress of an experience rare to mortal men, she knew it was no dream or delusion and went and consulted her cousin Waraqah, a devout worshipper of Allah in the faith of Christ, and was learned in spiritual lore. He listened and with her rejoiced that he, Muhammad was Allah’s chosen one to renew the faith.

She said, blessed be thou, chosen one!  Do we not see thy inner life – true and pure? Do you not see thy outer life – kind and gentle? Loyal to kin and hospitable to strangers?  No thought of harm or mischief ever strained thy mind, nor word ever passed thy lips that was not true. Ever ready in the service of Allah, thou art he of whom I bear witness, there’s no god but he, and thou art his chosen prophet.

Khadijah believed, exalted in faith above all woman, Ali, the well-beloved, then a child of ten but lion hearted plighted his faith and became from that moment the right hand of Islam. Abu Baker, the sincere, the true hearted, the man of wealth and influence, who used both without stint for the cause, the sober councilor and inseparable friend, never hesitated to declare his faith. Zayd, the freedman of Muhammad counted his freedom as naught compared with the service of Muhammad and Islam. These were the first fruits of the mission. A woman, a child, a man of affairs and a freedman, all banded together in the equality of Islam.

The revelation had come, the mission and the inspiration. But what was it leading to? It  was a miracle, but not In  the sense of a reversing of nature; Al Mustafa’s vision was linked to eternity, but he was no soothsayer foretelling passing events; the mysteries of knowledge were being opened out, but his message was no mere esoteric doctrine, to be grasped by a few in contemplation, fleeing in action; nor was it the practice of single or social monasticism, undisturbed by the whims or passions of life. He was asked to stand forth, to preach, to declare the one universal god, the gracious, the merciful, and to lead men to the right and forbid the wrong.  

The wrong? The selfish pride of birth, the massing of power and wealth In the hands of a few, the slaughter of female infants, the orgies of gambling and drunkenness, the frauds of temples idols and priests, the feuds and arrogance of tribes and races, the separation of Sacred and Profane, as if the unity of all life and all truth did not flow from the unity of Allah, most high.

He was loyal to his family, but could he support their monopoly of power? To his tribe, the Quraysh were the only creatures of Allah? In the temple of Makkah, Lat and Uzza, and the other monsters, whose worship killed the spiritual growth of man. Mockery, hatred, persecution, threats, tortures and exile, but Muhammad was a rock of steadfastness and perseverance and did not lose heart. Martyrdoms, wars and revolutions shook the foundations of history, and brought mankind to the unity and oneness of there lord.

After twenty three years in patience and final triumph was man once again brought onto the track of unity. Many prophets were sent by Allah on different occasions and in different places as the need arose. The final prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came for the final time until the Day of Judgment for all peoples to come. The message was imprinted on his heart and mind, and on the memory of his loving disciples as the body of sacred scripture grew, it was arranged for public prayer and reading and it spread through the four corners of the world and changed the lives of man forever and will continue to do so until the End of Time!