Dua handy-book (PDF)



Firstly in order to make Dua it is preferable to be ablution (wudu) and to clean our hearts and minds of all the thoughts whether work related, family or friends. The palms of the hands should be facing the heavens (sky) as that is the Qibla of the prayer. We seek refuge with Allah from Nafs (self) Hawa and Satan who is ever present and attacks as mentioned in the Quran from the front, behind right and left but not from above or below when in prostration.

He said: "Because thou hast thrown me out of the way, lo! I will lie in wait for them on thy straight way: "Then will I assault them from before them and behind them, from their right and their left: Nor wilt thou find, in most of them, gratitude (for thy mercies)." Quran 7: 16, 17

So let us turn toward the Heavens and begin by Glorifying and Praising Allah and ask him for help and forgiveness. In Allah we seek refuge from the evils of ourselves and from our wrong doings. He whom Allah guides shall not be misguided and he whom he misguides shall never be guided.

I bear witness that there is no true God but Allah, alone without any partners, and I bear witness that Muhammed (pbuh) is his slave and Messenger.   

O Allah, the Most Merciful of those who show mercy, please forgive us our sins as if you do not forgive us we will be disgraced.  Ya Allah Ya Allah, I am at your door please do not let us go away empty handed and without your forgiveness, Ya Allah Protect us from that day (Day of Judgment) when no one will come to our aid except Rasool Allah and let us be amongst the ones who will be close to him near the Fountain of Al Khawthar.

Ya Allah (Elahi), send peace and blessing on the Prophets Adam, Seeth, along with Idris, and Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham) and his sons Ismail and Is-haaq (Isaac). On Salih, Hud, Musa (Moses), Haroon (Aaron), Zakariya (Zachariah) Yahya (John), as well as Dawood (David), Suliman (Solomon), Lut (Lot), Yunas (Jonah), Yaqub (Jacub) and Yusuf (Joseph). On Shuiab, Ilyas, Ayub, Danial and Isa (Jesus) the son of Mary. On Samuel, Hizkeel, Dhul-Kifl, Antioch, Aramaya (Jermiah), Shia (Isaiah) and Uzair (Ezra).

Send blessing on Zulcarnain and Luqman Hakim and his son as well as on As Siddiq-e- Akbar, Al-Khattab Umar Al Farooq, Dhul Nurain Uthman Ghani and on the Lion of Allah and his sons Imam Hassan and Hussain as well as all those martyred in Karbala. Include Talha Bin Ubaydullah, Abu Obaida Ibn Al Jarrah, Saad bin Al Waqqas, Zubair Ibn Awam, Abdur Rahman Ibn Auf and Saeed Bin Zaid. Include the Sword of Allah Khalid bin Al Waleed, Ibn Abbass and Hamza and all of the Muhajir and Al Ansar not mentioned.

Include in these blessings our Mothers Aisha Siddiqa, Khadija, Umm Habiba, Hafsa, Juwariya, Maria, Maymuna, Safia, Sawda, Umm Salama, Zaynub and Zaynub Bint Khuzayma.

Include Fatima bint Muhammed Tayiba Tahra, Abdulla Qassim, Ibrahim, Zaynub, Ruqayya and Um Kulthum. Include Abdullah and Amina (the parents of the Prophet Pbuh) Halima Sadiya, Asiya (Mother of Moses) and Mary (Mother of Jesus).

Include all of the Sahaba and Sahabiyat. Also include all of the Tabien and Taba Tabien, Owais Qarni and well as the founders of the four schools of thought, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shaffi and Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal. Include the Leader of the Awlia Mehboob e Subhany Qutab e Rubbani Gous e Azam Muhyideen Abdul Qadir Jillani, include the compiler of Hadiths Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Abu Dawud, Ibn Maja, Al Nisai, Timidhi.

Include Imam Ghazali, Imam Nawawi, Imam Busari and the Fighter Salahuddin. Include all the Martyrs of Badr and Uhud and the people of Jannat e Baqqi and Jannat e Mualla. Include Khawaja Bayazeed Bustami, Hazarat Khawaja Abu Al Hassan Harqani, Sultan Bahoo, Hazrat Dhata Ganj Baksh, Peer Shah O Ghazi Damri wali sarkar, Miah Muhammed Baksh, Hazrat Khawaja Ahmad Merwi, Hazrat Khawaja Muhammed Naqshband, Hazrat Muhyideen Chisti Ajmeri, Hazrat Peer Mehr Ali Shah Golri Wale, Hazrat Sahib Shah Ahmed Raza Khan Brelvi, Hazrat Peer Gulham Muhyideen Babo Gee, Hazrat peer Miah Fazal Deen Chisti Kalami, Hazrat Peer Sayid Abdullah Shah Bengali Sharif, Peer Muhammed Aslam Naqshbandi, Baba Lal Shah Qalandar, Muhiydeen Ibn Al Arabi, Sidi Ahmed Zarruq, Ibn Taymiyya, Baho Zakariya Multani, Imam Suyuthi, Imam Al Haddad, Ibn Qayyum al Jozeah, Umar bin Abdul Aziz, Fahr Uddin Ar Razi, Qadi Iyad, Imam Thahawi, Imam Hajar al Askalani, Imam Jazuli, Sufiyan Thawri, Rabia Basri, Imam Rumi, Ibn Khaldun, Raghab Isbahani, Ibn Abbas Al Mursi, Ibn Ataillah, Ibn Kathir Junaid al Baghdadi, Abu Bakr Shibili and all of the Awliya the living and those that have passed away that we were unable to mention in this short prayer by name Rahamatuallah-alay  Ajmaeen.

Ya Allah include all the Mumin Muslims, Our righteous ancestors, our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, son and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters and the Muslims that have passed away and the ones yet to be born, Ya Allah send all these blessings to our Master Leader of the Ambiya, seal of the prophets, helper on the day of Judgment, the best of creation and the mercy to the universe The Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and we thank Ya Allah for allowing us to be part of his nation by your mercy and by this with my head on the ground and my eyes filled with tears and my grave and sins in mind, you and no other can forgive me.

Ya Allah I have been indeed a wrongdoer and have wronged myself and am pleading as a beggar for forgiveness as I know not when my time must be up and in which state that I must go. Ya Allah you  are the all hearing and all knowing and you have more mercy then even that of what a mother shows to her child, so Ya Allah cover me with your mercy and guide me to the path of your beloved. I am nothing and wish I were the dust in the path of the Muhammed (pbuh) so that mercy would be shown to me. Ya Allah let me on my death bed say the Shahadat (Kalima) and die on Iman and be in the company of the Prophets, the Siddiqs and the Awliyas, these pious people who have established your religion on earth, count me into that so that I may be part of that blessing and not your wrath.  

Ya Allah from today onwards I will read one chapter of the Quran daily, be vigilant of my Prayers and well as my inner self. I will control my eyes and lower my gaze. I will be kind to my parents and my fellow brothers and sisters. I will try to fast 3 times a month as recommended. I will invite people to goodness and pray on the prophet at least 100+ times and seek Istighfar 100+ daily. I will not backbite and become jealous of anyone and you provide to whomever you wish and jealousy will eat up my good deeds and fire eats up dry wood. I will constantly strive to improve my character and the state of my heart and will not let Satan let me think my self of being a pious person but will remember that I am a slave and a sinner and can only to be saved by the Mercy of Allah

–Let our final destination be peace, our graves illuminated and be a garden from the gardens of paradise and not a pit of the pits of Hell. Let us pass the questioning in our graves by the angles Munkar and Nakeer and allow us to be able to weep upon recognizing the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), and know that his shifa’at will be the one that will be accepted, and then reflect what he (pbuh) will do for us and what we have done for his Religion, know that he (pbuh) when asked who is part of your family and he (pbuh) replied every believer is part of my family.  I will strive for good this day and on the day by his mercy be able to cross the sirat (the bridge) successfully and be in his (pbuh)’s company Insha Allah.

Mei Akela Manzal Thoor, Kar Dai Madad Ya Rasool - -- (I am alone the destination is far, come to my Aid O Prophet of Allah)

(Quiet Prayer and reflection)

 Inallaha wa malaikatahu yo saluna alan nabi ya ayu halla zeena amanu salu alay wa sali mu taslima. – Ameen sum Ameen